Product Safety

Tested to keep kids safe!

Toy safety is very important for U.S. Toy. We use 3rd-party, government approved labs to evaluate and test all of our children's toys to ensure quality and safety. The toys we sell are in full compliance with all U.S. safety laws, as we want to ensure the children using our toys are kept safe!



We provide warnings and/or suggested ages on our products to help determine if the product is appropriate for a child. These warnings are marked in our catalog, website and on the actual product packaging.


Small Parts Testing

Not sure if a toy is age appropriate? Before we decide to sell any toy in our catalog, the toy is tested with a small parts tube to check for choking hazards. Any item that fits completely inside the tube is not appropriate for children under age three.


Physical & Mechanical Testing

Children put a lot of stress on their toys. Our third-party lab performs tension tests on all of our toys to ensure they won't break during normal use.


Lead Testing

According to U.S. regulations, if a toy has paint on it, the paint must have a lead content that is less than 90 parts per million. U.S. Toy’s allowable lead content limit is even lower -- 40 parts per million to comply with Illinois toy safety regulations.


Phthalate Compliance

Phthalates are chemicals that are added to plastic in order to make it pliable. The U.S. government requires that plastics contain less than 0.10% of these chemicals. U.S. Toy complies with all these regulations.


Tracking Labels & Preventative Measures

U.S. Toy provides a tracking label on products and packaging so we can immediatelyidentify exactly where an item was produced. If there are any problem, we can usetracking labels to inform customers of any defective products.